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Industry news

  • Almost all fabrics will have the problem of pilling. This is unavoidable. If you are unable to afford the ball, then anti-pilling additives will be added. The fabric feels worse and the chemical additives increase. Do you prefer that? You only get what you want, the key is to know how to cherish your bedding!


  • Don't always think about buying non-shrinkable bedding. There is a gap between the warp and weft of the fabric. After washing, there will be different degrees of shrinkage. The shrinkage of the pure fabric is about 3%~5%; if you must buy it, you can buy chemical fiber fabrics. It does not shrink. Do you want it? ?


  • Don't expect bedding to fade. Any bedding, especially dark colors, have more or less discoloration, that is, floating color. If there is any fabric that does not fade, either chemical fiber or solid color is added, the formaldehyde exceeds the standard; all are dyed through dyes, which will There is no reason to fade at all?


  • Don't blindly pursue twill and satin fabrics; different fabric organizations have different functions. Plain weave has the advantages of plain weave, such as high density of plain weave, suitable for duvet fabrics, embroidered fabrics, etc. So first clear the purpose of this bedding, and then choose the right bedding for you.


  • Poeple always have the trends to choose more thicker fabric home textiles. And they belive that it would be in more good quality.


  • There are some tips for caring cotton towels.