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Four-piece bedding conventional size specifications

The conventional size specifications of bedding products are generally divided into three categories: 1. single (child), 2. double ordinary specifications, 3. double enlarged specifications.

1. Single (child):
Bed sheet: 180 * 230 cm, quilt cover: 150 * 200 cm or 160 * 200 cm
(This size is suitable for summer quilts, but for winter quilts, you will often feel the ventilation of the soles. Adult single winter quilt size is best to choose 180 * 220 cm or 180 * 210 cm, the best quilt size Is the same size or slightly larger, for example: 200 * 230 cm.)
Pillowcase: 74 * 48CM (inner diameter) (2 pieces)
Generally, the high-end four-piece set for children contains a pillowcase and a cushion cover, and the size is generally 40 * 40CM (referring to the inner diameter)

2. Double ordinary specifications:
Sheets: 230 * 250CM or 245 * 245CM or 250 * 250CM
(The subtle size difference mainly depends on the width of the fabric used by the manufacturer. For example, if the width of the fabric is 235CM, then if the bed sheet is the entire width, the largest of the two sides can only be 230CM (because there are still Processing for sewing), the length of the other two sides can be determined casually.)
Quilt cover: 200 * 230CM Pillowcase: 75 * 48CM (inner diameter) (two)
This kind of specification can be used for 1.5 meters or 1.8 meters. Take the four-piece bed sheet with 230 * 250CM as an example, on a 1.5 meter bed, each side hangs 40CM, and the bed foot hangs 50CM. 245 * 250CM is 47.5CM on both sides and 50CM on the foot of the bed. Generally, sheets of this size will be rounded, otherwise two corners will be dragged on the ground. Similarly, the size of 230 * 250 is used in The 1.8-meter bed is 25 cm on each side and 50 cm on the foot of the bed. Whether this size is suitable for the 1.8-meter bed depends mainly on the size of the quilt you choose. If it is 200 * 230, it is very suitable ; If it is 220 * 240 or other sizes, you must choose another specification.

3. Double increase specification: bed sheet: 240 * 270CM, quilt cover 220 * 240CM pillowcase 74 * 48CM (inner diameter) (two)
Because the bed linen of this size is relatively large, it is generally only used for beds of 1.8 * 2 meters or wider.