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How to clean and maintain bedding during the rainy season

In the modern family, cloth art is more and more popular. If the functional decoration of the family is "hard decoration", then the cloth art as a "soft decoration" is more attractive in this ambitious ambition, just like the fashion that people wear on it. Not only softens the rigid lines of the interior space, but also gives the room a warm style. People should pay more attention to the maintenance of bedding while pursuing high-quality bedding. Especially in the southern rainy season, cleaning and maintenance have always been a headache for many people. Bedos Home Textiles brings you some small bedding cleaning and maintenance Method, so that you no longer worry about the rainy season.

The cleaning frequency can be determined according to personal hygiene habits. Before using it for the first time, it should be rinsed once in the water to wash off the surface slurry and printing and dyeing float color. It will be softer to use and will not fade easily when it is washed later. Cotton fabrics cannot use detergents containing bleaching ingredients. The soaking time should not exceed half an hour, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. Silk, silk cotton, and soybean fibers cannot use detergents containing biological enzymes. Silk wool detergents are best Adding a little vinegar can increase the gloss; wool and cashmere should avoid long-term soaking, can not use detergents containing biological enzymes, and other detergents should also be used with caution; silk, bamboo fiber, chemical fiber can not be soaked in high temperature water, silk, bamboo fiber It cannot be dried during machine washing, and the surface of the velvet fabric cannot be ironed; the linen products cannot be rubbed or twisted hard when washed.

Cotton and hemp products should be folded neatly when put in storage, put in a certain amount of camphor balls, and stored in a dark place with low humidity and good ventilation; woolen duvets and duvets should be folded after the quilt is cooled after drying in the sun. The agent should be placed in a dry place, do not apply pressure, and can be dry-cleaned. If the silk is used, if it is wet and can not be exposed to the sun, it should be air-dried in a cool place, and then folded after air-drying. Silk products cannot be placed in camphor balls or placed in camphor wooden boxes, which will make the products yellow.

The temperature has risen steadily recently, and the pace of summer is really getting closer. Along with the summer, there is the disgusting Huangmei rainy season. In this season of another season, a thorough cleaning for your home. Clean your bedding and use their brand new look. Store unused bedding products to ensure that they have a good moisture-proof and moth-proof state in the wet season.