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International standard bedding four-piece multi-piece specifications

The package is generally divided into:
Four-piece set, multi-piece set, large set, and less than four-piece set are not within the routine. We will not discuss it. The four-piece set and multi-piece set are only fabrics without fillers, and everyone may know the four-piece set Just two pillowcases, one bed sheet and one quilt cover, and some multi-piece sets such as a six-piece set are also only fabrics, while large sets are different, the price is higher and more luxurious, the conventional will include a mattress, a multi-purpose quilt core, etc. Wait, everyone must ask carefully when buying.
The specifications of the kit: The specifications of the general international standards, such as: The specifications for the 1.5-meter bed are
Bed Sheets Bed sheets 245 * 245cm, quilt cover 200 * 230cm, pillowcase 48 * 74cm It can also be used on 1.8m bed but in that case the quilt cover is only a little bit more beautiful than the edge of the bed. The four-piece set basically uses bed sheets.
Bed cover: Bed cover: 150 * 200cm, quilt cover 200 * 230cm, pillowcase 48 * 74cm. The bed cover type is different from the single type, the edge is fixed, so it can only be set on a 1.5m bed.
Bedspreads are also used in multi-piece sets.
Bed cover type bed cover: 245 * 245cm, quilt cover 200 * 230cm, pillowcase 48 * 74c. The bed cover can generally be connected to a mattress, used in multiple sets, it will be made thicker and embroidered. It can be used to fix 1.8m bed with similar bed sheets
The specifications for 1.8m bed are
Sheet type Sheets 245 * 270cm, quilt cover 230 * 250cm, pillowcase 48 * 74cm
Bed cover type Bed cover 180 * 200cm, quilt cover 230 * 250cm, pillowcase 48 * 74cm bed cover type Bed cover 250 * 280cm, quilt cover 230 * 250cm, pillowcase 48 * 74cm
The specifications of the generous cushion in the multi-piece set are unified as 65 * 65cm. The double pillow has 48 * 118cm (1.5m bed) and 48 * 150cm (1.8m bed)