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How to choose the right cotton home textile supplies

The quality of a quilt can determine our sleep and improve our high-quality life! It was early winter and the weather was getting colder, and a good quilt became more important. Everyone knows that cotton products are very comfortable, as is bedding, but how to choose cotton home textiles? Let the consultant of Jumonlai Home Textiles Love Home tell you!

Pure cotton fabric, which is characterized by softness, comfort, breathability, and natural flexibility with the human body.

First of all: pure cotton fabric has better moisture absorption and moisture removal. Cotton fiber will absorb moisture from the air, the moisture content can reach 8-10%. Therefore, when the fabric is in contact with human skin, it will feel soft and comfortable; and when the humidity of the cotton fiber is too high, and the surrounding temperature is high, the moisture in the cotton fiber will evaporate, thereby keeping the cotton fiber Balanced, so people will also feel comfortable.

Second: cotton fabrics usually have good thermal insulation. Because cotton fiber itself has the characteristics of porosity and good elasticity, a large amount of air is stored between the cotton fibers, and the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so the pure cotton fabric has good thermal insulation.

Third: Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, without any irritation and side effects in contact with the skin. Long-term use is beneficial to the human body and its hygienic performance is good.

Fourth: Pure cotton fabric has a certain heat resistance. Experiments prove that below 110 ° C, only the moisture on the surface of the pure cotton fabric will evaporate without damaging the fabric itself, which fully proves that the pure cotton fabric has a certain heat resistance.

Fifth: Pure cotton fabric also has a certain resistance to alkali, washable and durable. We all know that commonly used washing powders are alkaline, and pure cotton fabrics have a certain alkali resistance, which can ensure that the cotton fibers will not be damaged in alkaline solutions, which is conducive to the washing of pollution.

Pure cotton fabric has so many advantages, so it is widely used in home textiles.