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Four guidelines for choosing bath towels

Thick and light
The thick bath towels are highly absorbent and warm to wrap around. However, if it is too heavy, it will cause worry during cleaning. It is not easy to rub, and it is not easy to dry. So choose thick and light bath towels.

Plain bath towels generally do not use dyes during processing. If there is a printing and dyeing process, you should also choose those bath towels that use environmental protection and do not have any additives. Plain bath towels can also be woven with beautiful patterns using techniques such as cut pile, untwisting, and jacquard. There is no lack of elegance.

Real and detailed
Good bath towels are strong but not rough. You can tell if the bath towel you are looking for is "delicate" by looking at the edge work of the bath towel and whether the trademark has been hidden at the joint.

Soft and dense
Look at the material on the label when buying. The raw materials used for good bath towels are generally fine combed fine-pile cotton or long-staple cotton. Although the cost is relatively high, the bath towels woven in this way are dense in texture and soft to the touch. Because bath towels often need to be disinfected and washed at high temperatures, choose those that use heat-resistant plant fibers as raw materials.