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How often do bath towels need to be changed? How often should I wash it?

Matters needing attention when using bath towels:

1. The bath towel is an excellent place to breed bacteria. It can meet many living conditions of microorganisms: water, warm environment, oxygen, food and pH neutral. The human body can also provide this ideal environment, which is why bacteria are spread inside and outside the human body.

2. When the bath towel absorbs the water on the skin, other secretions on the skin, such as microorganisms and cell debris, will also stain the bath towel. Cell debris and other fouling in the air become microbial food, and water provides neutral pH water.

3. Because most of the microorganisms growing in the home are not dangerous, it is difficult to say whether the microorganisms on the bath towels are harmful to the human body. But if you share bath towels with others, you may be exposed to strange microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus. Tirno said: "This may cause boils, papules and infections."

Good habits of using bath towels:

1. Dry towels: develop the habit of drying towels and dry them in time after use.

2. Separate parts for one person: To prevent "multiple people for one towel" and "one towel for multiple uses", especially adults and children cannot share one bath towel.

3. Periodic replacement: Towels should be eliminated every 3 months.

4. Washing and drying frequently: develop the habit of washing and drying frequently, disinfect and sterilize regularly.