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What do you know about hotel bedding?


First of all, the hotel supplies sheets, bedspreads, bed covers, pillowcases, bathrobes, towels.

There are a lot of safety hidden danger on the bedding market now probably have the following a few;It is formaldehyde content of a few products exceeds bid seriously;

Second, the item of washing size change rate is unqualified.

Third, the item of dyeing fastness is unqualified;

Fourth, there are many problems with product identification.

According to the above several aspects of targeted selection, it is possible to reduce the risk.

The quilt cover after sheet shrinkage, wash becomes smaller, it is the trouble that people often encounters.The first choice is the products of large well-known enterprises, whose products are of better quality.And the product of a few odd brand, small factory had better not buy.Many products marketed under the names "Shanghai" and "Guangdong" are not necessarily of origin, but are likely to be produced in small, remote workshops.

Many people think, bedding fades colour is not what big deal, but the expert points out, when people sleep, sweat, some of the substance in sweat more or less can produce chemical reaction with the dye in the textile on the bed, sweat will reduce dye into harmful substance, again through human skin absorption carcinogenic.The bedding class on the market is different, price difference is big, charge for work and quality difference is big also.The cloth with good quality is flat and even, fine in texture, printing is clear and full of luster, and sewing is even and smooth.If product cloth face is uneven, quality is sparse, decorative pattern is confused, sewing is coarse, quality is hard to assure, colouring fastness may not reach standard.

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