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How to choose a pillow that suits you

1. It meets the physiological requirements: When lying on the back, the pillow can maintain the curvature of the neck, and the edge of the pillow should be curved, not sloped; the height of the pillow should be in line with the width of the individual's shoulders. The height of the pillow should be about a punch when lying on the back. The height of the pillow should be one punch and two fingers.

2. Height: Modern research believes that the pillow should be slightly lower than the distance from the shoulder to the neck on the same side. The occiput height is determined according to the physiological curve of the 7 cervical vertebrae arranged in the human neck. Only by adapting to this physiological bending can the shoulder and neck muscles, ligaments and joints be in a relaxed state. Too high or too low pillows are not good for human health.