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Pay attention to the length, width and hardness when choosing a pillow

1. Length and width: The pillow should be slightly longer, and the length of the pillow should be enough for sleep to turn a position behind. Pillow is not easy to be too wide, too wide will exceed the joints of the head and neck, the muscles are easy to tense, 15-20cm is appropriate.
2. Softness: The pillow should have moderate hardness and a little elasticity. If the pillow is too hard, the relative pressure between the head and neck and the pillow will increase, causing head discomfort; if the pillow is too soft, it will be difficult to maintain the normal height, and the head and neck will not be supported and fatigued; if the pillow is too elastic, the head will continue Under the action of external elastic force, muscle fatigue and damage are prone to occur.