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Why is Hotel Towel all white?

In fact, white towels are considered from the perspective of consumers. First of all, white towels have very high requirements for raw materials. The higher the raw material level, the whiter and looser the towels made, and the more printed or brightly colored towels. The raw materials are more likely to be sleazy, so the standard requirements of star hotels must be white, so that consumers do not have to worry about hygiene issues, and what dirt can be seen at a glance.

Many people may not have noticed the size and weight of Hotel Towel. In fact, Hotel Towels are slightly larger or heavier than household towels. This is not only for the comfort of use, but also for the high-intensity washing of Hotel Towel. Hotel Towel is mostly customized products. Behind the changes in specifications and weight requirements are a large number of complex towel design and data calculations, as well as process technology adjustments. Among them, the hard work of so many towel weavers and the wisdom of designers are condensed. The seemingly simple Hotel Towel is actually not simple at all.